How long does it take to go through the Laser Ninja Maze?

The Laser Maze takes about 2 minutes per turn. Top ninjas can score between 6 – 30 seconds depending on the skill level.

How do you know what is going on in the game?

The Laser Ninja Maze includes TV monitors for live action view. While you are racing to complete your mission, your friends and family members can watch you compete and cheer for you on our live video feed.

How do you know who wins?

The game report at the end of the round will let you know. There is a Top Ten Leader Scoreboard where you may view top scores to see where you rank against friends and family.

What age range does the Laser Ninja Maze appeal to?

Anyone who wants to have fun from ages 5-99! The Laser Ninja Maze is one of the few attractions where kids and grandparents can share the same activity and all have a blast.

Can you take pictures/video inside?

For an additional cost, digital recordings in DVD format may be provided after exiting your experience.



Are the lasers in the Laser Ninja Maze Safe?

Absolutely! They are incredibly safe, a Class 3 rating. It’s impossible to look at lasers without them “breaking”. The lasers are safer than those commonly used for PowerPoint presentations.

Where can the Laser Ninja Maze be played?

Anywhere! The Laser Ninja Maze is mobile and can travel to any location.

What is the size of the Laser Ninja Maze?

The Laser Maze room is 136 square feet.

How much space is necessary?

The Laser Ninja Maze trailer and truck are about 40 feet long and fit in front of most residential locations. If you are worried about space consult with our party planners and they can provide some easy solutions.

Do you need to plug into the house?

Helpful but not necessary, each Laser Ninja Maze is completely self-powered.



How do I book an event?

You may contact our party planners via phone, email, or on this website. Just let us know what hours of playtime you are interested in, the date of the event and the address it will be held at.

How can I pay?

We request a non-refundable $200 deposit to secure your room and time. We can take cash, check or credit card. A receipt will be provided. On the day of the event, the outstanding balance is due. Of course, payment in full prior to the event is welcome as well.



What if it rains on the day of my event?

Since the laser maze is inside a mobile trailer, the game may be done regardless of the weather.

What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations must occur no later than 72 hours in advance or deposit will be forfeited.

What are your working hours?

We can play any time of the day, events starting past 10 PM will be charged our after hour party rates. Please contact us for details.



  • Birthday invitations and thank you cards available at no additional cost/ Full color party invitations (postcard and electronic)
  • Extra: Pizza and beverages can be added to any package
  • Extra: Discount off logo merchandise on day of event.
  • Complimentary digital group photo which is then emailed to all party guests who have supplied their email address


If your question was not answered, please feel free to contact us.