what you get

Swim with a mermaid/pirate
@ Blue Lagoon Farm…

When you book your Mermaid-Pirate Encounter at Blue Lagoon Farm with us, you and your guests will be able to interact with a real life mermaid, pirate or both. You will be able to enjoy a natural lagoon and become mystical creatures yourself in this magical experience. Guests will enjoy a farm-like facility with inflatables, access to a grill and a tiki hut dinning area.

Opportunities Include:

  • Swimming with a Mermaid.

  • Pirate Encounters.

  • Half Day Access Adventure.

  • Full Day Private Access.

  • Delicious Food Options

We just want the lagoon

Are you just looking for a facility to enjoy a day with family and friends. This facility is suitable for all occasions and can be transformed into your ideal destination for all kinds of events. In addition, when you book your private event with us you are truly booking exclusivity as the facility will be for your guest only. All private parties welcome up to 30 guests. Characters are not included.

Private Bookings Include:

  • Access to the lagoon.

  • Access to interactive Inflatables

  • Grilling Area

  • Dining Area

To book your session or private event please contact us at 833-843-8497
or click on book now.

we have our location,
but want a mermaid party

You already have your location, you have your pool, as a matter of fact you don’t really want water, but you dream of having a mermaid. We work with the most beautiful mermaids to ensure your mermaid experience is a dream come true. We carry from the simplest to the most elaborate of mermaid cove’s. We provide great photo opportunities, mermaid makeover, and full mermaid experiences custom made for your specific event.


Does your party guest of honor want to have a mermaid at their event, or do they have a different dream? No problem. Let us know who their hero is or who they would want and we can arrange. From your most beautiful mystical creature to your favorite Atlantean hero, from a talented dancer to a performing musician we can make it all happen.