What you get:

  • The Laser Ninja Maze includes TV monitors for live action view. While you are racing to complete your mission, your friends and family members can watch you compete and cheer for you on our live video feed. The audience can see how the active player masters the laser maze while thinking of their own strategy.
  • Over hundreds of Laser Beams & 1000’s of changing laser maze patterns. No two mazes will be alike.
  • There are three levels of challenging fun: Easy, Regular, Hard.
  • Surround Sound System with amazing music and DJ mixes (techno and trance)
  • Top Ten Leader Scoreboard: Challenge your friends for the fastest score to complete the Laser Ninja Maze. View score to see where you rank against friends and family.
  • Software Controlled Fog Generator (smoke/haze)
  • WARNING: This activity is highly addictive! It is easy to learn but impossible to master.
  • Extra: digital recordings. We provide a DVD of your experience after exiting.

Laser Ninja Maze

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to prove your ninja skills as a ninja master. The objective is to disable the security system, all while using your ninja skills to navigate a web of high-tech lasers by successfully navigating through the web of lasers, going over and under the lasers as quickly as possible without breaking one, causing the alarms to sound. Only the finest ninja warriors have successfully achieved a perfect level of mastery in the art of the laser maze.

New Game Every Time

Groups of beams vary from game to game so that player’s cannot “learn” the maze. Various skill levels make the maze harder or easier to negotiate. The Laser ninja maze is a timed event, the lower your time the better. If you do break a beam, you will be penalized with time being added to your score.

challenge your mind & Body

The laser ninja maze challenge will challenge your mind as well as your body as you weave, crawl, slither and roll your way through laser beams just like you have seen in the movies, Ocean’s Eleven, Entrapment and Mission Impossible.

unique attraction

The Laser Ninja Maze is an Exciting high-tech interactive game that combines lasers, haze, and sound effects to create an extraordinary experience. It will ensure that your next party or special event provides your guests with hours of entertainment and unique attraction.